Pre-fall garden activities

Yesterday was a huge day in the garden. 

1) the lettuce harvest

Gathered an abundance of leaves from the transplants I got from the garden centre. Taste ended up a bit too bitter for my liking, I think I left the harvest until a bit too late, or potentially insufficient nutrients provided.  

Harvested by snipping the plants a centimetre from the base. Hoping they’ll re-sprout but it’s likely I’ve fucked it and committed herbicide. I’m grateful that herbicide is not a punishable felony. 

2) sad banana tree

I think he’s seen better days and might have a disease. Have pruned back any yellowed leaves and hoping he makes a speedy recovery. 

I speculate that his pot might be too small but I’ve only just repotted him! This guy is asking for too much. Maybe he’ll thrive with two weeks of neglect (I’m going on holidays).

3) repotting of eggplant

The fruit that developing on the plant was feeling a bit mushy yesterday but since repotting into the big crate she has become delightfully plump! There was also a flower that was promising to turn into a fruit but she decided to fall off instead. 

4) Other jobs

Repotted the broccoli, succulents, tomatoes, and coriander. Everything got a good fertilise and drink of water. 

Also I’m on the hunt for beans but the local Home Depot isn’t stocking any seeds… but it’s bean season! Now is the season for planting beans (I think). 

More updates to come. Hoping to make this a regular thing. 

Ciao xx

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