Winter garden update

So it’s been a while since I last posted – happy 2018!

And while that last sentence might be an indicator of my neglect of this blog, you may be surprised to know that this neglect also extends to the loves of my life… my plants.

I remember the day I brought my babies home. All the vendors warned me, “take them inside for the winter, they’ll not survive the frost”.

Frost? What frost? I cried. We are in the south are we not? What would we know of frost?

I thought I knew better. Of course I would know better! The foreigner of this country, this state, would know better.

And so in early 2018, when the Bomb Cyclone hit the Northeast, a baby snow storm tortured Raleigh, North Carolina. I am sad to announce the plants of the balcony garden did not survive the inclement weather. {side note, all indoor plants were not impacted by the storm}

Goodbye to the Red Jamaican banana tree which was already yellowing because I could never figure out what he needed.

Goodbye baby tomatoes that never ripened despite my attempts to keep them warm by building them a greenhouse (by that I mean I wrapped them in a plastic sheet).

Goodbye to the lieutenant broccoli which were living happily and independently until the snow fell.

And finally goodbye to the succulents who kept telling me to fuck off because I was overwatering them. FYI there is such thing as too much love. They were so full of love that they froze.

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