Vase, cup


Clay body: Standard Ceramic 378
Decoration: White slip
Glaze: Inside is glazed with glossy white

Clay body: Standard Ceramic 378
Decoration: Watered down white slip on top of peacock blue slip
Glaze: Clear

The vase was my first attempt ever at a vase. I’m not disappointed by my efforts but there are some technical errors. The body of the vase is not even all the way around which has caused a slant in the rim. We could call it a milk jug and say I did that on purpose, but for the sake of learning, I’m going to call it for what is is – I still can’t centre properly. Another continuing issue is the fact that I keep too much clay at the base of the vessel. I had to do a lot of trimming which could have avoided by throwing the vase to a taller height.

I’m happy with how the slip turned out but there is one big lesson that I learned from this – cleaning up the base after applying the slip. I ended up having to sand the base of the vessel after the bisque firing which was a pain in the arse. A bit of anxiety and a great fear of chipping almost resulted in me throwing the thing away. But overall glad I saw it through to the end. I love how the raw clay looks against the white slip. This clay body is bloody beautiful!

The cup was made in my study of cylinders. I like the shape, the piece is centred, walls are not too thick, nor too thin. If only I could always be this consistent! I tried throwing some cylinders today and I find that I am still struggling (sheds a tear). I love this clay body, but was hoping that the white slip would be more opaque on top of the blue. I only have myself to blame since I watered down the slip … I was trying to avoid some lumpy bits that I got on the last piece I tried this on. In the future I would like to “plan” the drips a bit better (if that is even possible) and figure out a better way to clean up the foot when using this decorating method. Otherwise, very happy with this guy.

Before I go, I want to reiterate this clay body is bloody beautiful. Standard Ceramic 378. DO NOT FORGET.

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