Pottery progress

Left to right: Egg vase, speckled brown clay body, Spectrum underglaze in Hunter Green, mugs “house white” clay body with glossy white glaze (plus cobalt oxide), Teapot in “house white” clay body and blue hare’s fur glaze.

Finally – the pottery update that I had promised in… January? I have a slew of excuses, moving back to NYC, lots of travelling, but for the most part, I have been consuming every spare moment with as much making as possible.

That being said, I do see some improvement in my skill-level – a promising thought! But one often diminished by my inner disappointed parent (many thanks mum and dad)*

The egg vase was made at Cary Art Studio back in April, mugs made in September and the teapot made in October, the last two being made at Choplet in Williamsburg. I’m in love with the teapot. She is “functional”, by which I mean that she can make half a cup of tea. But you can forgive her ineptitude in this area given the sassy-ness in her personality.

*Can’t actually blame mum and dad for this one, they were never really helicopter parents.

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