Mug production

2019 has arrived and I am in the midst of my biggest “production” yet! Ten mugs, thrown in red stoneware. My goal is for each of these to hold 16oz, dimensions being 4 inches by 4 inches. There are some size variations but they look pretty same-ish! As always, there is room for improvement so here are my throwing notes:

What I learned:

  • Use a ruler, and make a standard measuring device which will help measuring be much easier.
  • Same size balls of clay will result in more consistent sizes of mug body.
  • Break down the process into bits, a standard to follow each time you throw.
  • Pre making same sized slugs and pulling from attached to the mug helps achieve more consistent handles.

What I could do better:

  • The bottoms and walls are still too heavy – stop being scared, you can push the clay harder to use less clay for bigger sizes.
  • More practice is needed with the handles, they still have a bit of a twist.
  • Attaching the handles is still a bit messy so do some research or just take more care instead of being impatient.

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